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What is the Product Catalog?
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What is the Product Catalog

The product catalog is an item list that Requesters can select from when creating an order request, simplifying the requesting process. It is created and maintained by users with access to the Procure module.

How does the Product Catalog benefit Requesters?

During order request creation, the catalog is located by clicking the + Add from catalog button.

Requesters will find a list of items with pre-filled information to add to their order requests easily.

How does the Product Catalog benefit Purchasers?

The product catalog simplifies the purchasing process by pre-filling item information and helps you maintain an accurate record of items purchased by your organization.

When adding items to the Product Catalog, you can enter information, including the account code, preferred vendor, price, and currency. This ensures that your requesters have submitted accurate information in their order requests. These fields can also be locked so that requesters cannot edit fields.

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