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How to Link a PO to a Contract
Updated over a week ago

Contracts and POs can be linked using the Contracts feature or during Purchase order creation/revision.

Using the Contracts Feature

  1. Navigate to Procure β†’ Contracts

  2. Select the applicable contract

  3. Scroll down to the Purchase Orders and Bills section and click + Link PO

  4. Use the pop-up to select the applicable POs

    • The list will only display POs with the same Vendor and currency as the Contracts.

  5. Click Update Linked POs

The Contract will be updated to display the current spend against the contract value total

When creating/editing a PO

A contract can also be linked when creating or revising a PO. Use the Linked Contract drop-down menu on the right to select the Contract. The drop-down list will only display contracts with the same Vendor and currency as the PO.
​Note: The Purchase Order and contract currency must match, otherwise a Purchase order will not be linked to a contract

The Linked Contract will be displayed in the upper right of the PO

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