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How do I cancel an existing recurring Order
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  • how to stop a recurring order item

  • how do I end a recurring order

  • I don't want this recurring item

  • I don't need this recurring spend item

The following steps use the un-receive workflow to end a recurrence.


  1. Locate and Open the Purchase Order (PO).

  2. Select the View PO Details button located to the right of the PO.

  3. Scroll down and select Reopen PO

  4. Select the View receive PO details button.

  5. Click the [...] button beside the recurring order item and click Receive Logs.

  6. Click the [...] button beside the receive log, and then select Remove log item.

  7. Select Confirm.

The item recurrence has now ended as of the current date. Any past billing dates will have created unbilled items in Accounts Payable for invoice processing, but no future ones will be created.

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