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FAQ: Recurring Spend
Updated over a week ago

How can I track recurring spend items?

Recurring spend can be tracked through the original Request or Purchase Order. Line items will display how often it repeats and when it started.

Unbilled Items, when generated on the bill date, will also display which recurrence is being billed.


Can I disable to auto-receive feature for recurring spend items?

No, this is locked by default. For repeated spend that requires receiving, please see Blanket Purchase Order Items.

Can I sync recurring spend items to NetSuite?

Recurring spend data is synced to NetSuite for organizations that sync Bills from Procurify to NetSuite. It is not included in the PO & Item Receipt sync. For more information on NetSuite integration options, see NetSuite Integration Overview

Does recurring spend work with Credit Card Reconciliation?

At the current time, Recurring Spend does not work with the Credit Card Reconciliation features. The “pay with credit card” field is disabled for Purchase Orders recurring spend.

Can I view a list of Purchase Orders with Recurring expenses?

At the current time, Procurify does not support filtering or reporting on existing recurring expenses. The Product team will be looking to support this feature in the future.

How can I disable the Recurring Spend feature?

To disable the Recurring Spend feature on your domain, please reach out to a Procurify representative. Use the Contact Us at the top right-hand of this page.

Can I create a recurring spend catalog item?

Not at this time. If you would like to see this feature, our Product team would love to hear from you. Please use the Contact Us button at the top right of this page to submit a Feature Request/Feedback. It would greatly help us if you fill in the required fields with as much detail as possible for the Product Team!

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