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June 2024
Updated over a week ago

Procurify Account Access

Procurify Account Access allows our Procurify team members to access your domain upon being granted permission by eligible users on your domain.

Learn more about Procurify Account Access

This feature is available to all customers

Organizational Categories displayed on the Purchase Order PDF

The Organizational Category Purchase Order PDF feature now automatically incorporates the second organizational category (usually the “department” field) on Requests for Orders (RFOs) into Purchase Order (PO) PDFs. Previously, this had to be manually inputted as a custom field on the PO, potentially resulting in duplicated effort and the risk of errors

If your domain utilizes customized organizational categories and you’d like them to appear on the Purchase Order PDF, please reach out to your Procurify account manager or our Procurify support team. They can assist in enabling this feature for your domain

Learn more about Organizational Categories

This feature is available to all customers utilizing Organizational Categories

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