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How to add an unbilled item to a draft Bill
How to add an unbilled item to a draft Bill
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  • Adding an unbilled item to a pending Bill

  • Adding an unbilled item to an open Bill

  • Add more unbilled items to a draft Bill

  • Incorporating unbilled items into a created Bill


  1. Select Accounts PayableManage Bills

  2. Select the Bill to view full details & options.

  3. Once the bill is open, select the + Add Order Item button.

  4. Select the unbilled item from the list by selecting the checkbox beside the item.

  5. Select the Add unbilled item to add them to the Bill.

  6. Once you have all the intended Items on your Bill, select Submit.

Note: The above steps only apply to our Legacy Accounts Payable Module. To add unbilled items to a draft bill in our New Accounts Payable Module, please use the Purchase Order drop-down to select the applicable purchase order. For information on our Accounts Payable modules, see Which version of the Accounts Payable Module do I have?

Additional Information:

  • The unbilled item list will only show order items from the Vendor the Bill was made for.

  • Bills can only contain payable items from one Vendor. It is not possible to have multiple Vendors on one Bill.

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