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How to view declined Spending Card transactions
How to view declined Spending Card transactions
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  • Declined spending card transaction messaging and notifications.

Gain more context into your declined spending card transactions with Procurify’s new reason for decline field and email notifications.

Where to view declined transactions

  • On the My Transactions Tab

  • On every card details page (Virtual Cards & Physical Cards)

  • On the fund details page (Physical Cards only)

How to view my declined Spending card transactions in Procurify?

  1. Navigate to Spending card and select Virtual cards or Physical card.

  2. For virtual cards: select the card you wish to view declined transactions for.

    For physical cards: select the fund you wish to see transactions for.

  3. Select the Declined tab under Transactions.

Detailed explanation of Reasons for decline

  • Insufficient balance: The transaction was charged against a physical card fund, or virtual card, which does not have enough funds to complete the purchase.

  • Unsupported currency: The transaction was attempted in a non-USD currency.

  • Unsupported location: The transaction was attempted with a non-US-based merchant.

  • Card is locked: The transaction was attempted against a card locked in Procurify.

  • Card is canceled: The transaction was attempted against a canceled card in Procurify.

  • Due to other errors: This message is displayed when Procurify cannot resolve why the transaction was declined. Please contact our support team to resolve why this transaction was declined.

How do I change notification settings for declined Spending card transactions?

  1. In the Procurify web app, click your profile picture/icon in the top right, and then click your name in the drop-down.

  2. Select the Notification Settings tab.

  3. Click Spending Card to see all options.

  4. Check/uncheck the box A transaction has been declined.

All changes will be automatically saved.

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