What are spending cards?
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Spending cards are company purchase cards that come with all of Procurify's intelligent spend management.

Spending cards can be used for online purchases as you would with a credit card and can be added to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet to use where contactless pay is accepted.

Physical Spending Cards

Requesters can request physical cards to use for swipe, insert, contactless, and online payments. Within a card, you can hold multiple funds for different purposes.

Virtual Spending Cards

Virtual Spending cards save you from carrying a physical spending card and can be used for online purchases or added to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet and used where contactless pay is accepted.

Requesters can request for virtual card to use for online and contactless payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are virtual cards easy to use?

Virtual cards are highly intuitive, on both web and mobile. Here are some articles that cover the basics:

Can I add my spending card to my Apple Wallet or Google Wallet?

Yes, spending cards can be added to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet by entering the card details into the wallet.

Is there cashback available for spending cards?

We calculate cashback per annum, by applying your cashback rate on all spending card transactions made in the previous billing period, deducting any refunded or disputed amounts.

Your cashback will contribute towards the renewal cost of your Procurify contract. The more you use your cards, the bigger the discount!

Can you travel with spending cards?

Spending cards are accepted across the United States and can be used as a card on file for incidental expenses and damages at hotels and car rental companies. However, it's important to note that spending cards cannot be used outside the USA.

Is spend placed through spending cards captured in budgets?

Yes, spend placed through spending cards is captured in your budgets! However, refunds are currently not captured within budgets and may lead to over-estimation in spend.

How do refunds function with spending cards?

Refunds on spending cards work the same way as regular credit cards. When a refund is processed, the amount will be returned to spending card it was originally purchased on.

What are the requirements for setting up spending cards?

Our spending cards feature is only available to customers with a U.S. bank account. You will be required to provide the following information to Stripe, Inc.:

  • Bank account number and owner.

  • Company name, type, address, phone number, and tax ID.

  • Information for a business representative, including contact details, date of birth, tax information, and role within the company.

  • Information for the company owner(s).

Additional Information:

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