Approval Group Trigger Conditions
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Trigger Conditions are specific requirements that must be met for an Approval Group to be assigned to a Request. Configuring Conditions provides greater flexibility for your Approval routings, automatically looping in certain approvers based on the details of the Request.

Types of Conditions

Request Type


The Request Type Condition allows you to select which types of Requests an Approval Group will be responsible for. By default, the Any option is selected. Therefore the group will be responsible for all Requests. Click + Add Condition to select which types of Requests the group should be responsible for approving.

Request Types:

  • Request for Order

  • Request for Expense

  • Request for Travel

  • Request for Fund



Creating a Department Condition will further limit the requests that an Approval Group will be responsible for. To route requests, regardless of Location or Department, to a group, click Apply to All Departments

Account Code


The Account Code Condition creates an additional level of approval for certain order items, or if you only need an Approval Group to review Requests when certain budgets are being affected. The Approval Group will be triggered if there is an item within the Request with an Account Code that matches the Condition. If you do not want to utilize the Account Code Condition, it can be left as is to include any, or all, Account Codes.

Custom Field


The Custom Field condition is triggered when specific Custom Field options have been selected within an Order Request. Only, the "dropdown" and "checkbox" Custom Field types are supported. To opt-out of using this Condition within a group, the field can be left as "Any," to include all Custom Field possibilities.

Additional Information:

  • If you are interested in enabling Account Code and Custom Field conditions, please reach out to a Procurify representative.

  • Depending on your Approval Routing configuration, a Request may meet the Trigger Conditions of multiple Approval Groups, thus needing approval from multiple Approval Groups before it is fully approved. For more in-depth information on how the Approval Routing works, look at Understanding and Setting Up Approval Groups.

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