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NetSuite Bill Sync Integration Overview and Set Up
NetSuite Bill Sync Integration Overview and Set Up
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The following article is about our NetSuite Bill Sync. For more, see NetSuite Integration Overview.

What is the NetSuite Bill Sync

The NetSuite Request to AP Integration enables you to sync Bills from Procurify to NetSuite. It also includes a Master Data Sync, where you can sync Vendors and Account Codes from NetSuite to Procurify.

What are the benefits?

This integration allows you to

  • maintain your NetSuite data as your true source of information for Vendors and Account Codes

  • sync your bills from Procurify to NetSuite, allowing you to complete a Request to Bill process all within Procurify

Steps to set up integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations

  2. Click Set Up under NetSuite Request to AP

  3. Follow the in-app steps for entering:

  4. Click Connect to NetSuite

To choose your custom and advanced custom field mapping, click the Edit button in the respective sections.

Important: If you would like to include inventory catalog items and inventory updates in your integration, please reach out to a Procurify Representative instead of proceeding below as a different set-up will be required.

Steps to set up Vendor List and Account Code sync:

  1. Click Set Up under the Sync Master Data section on the left.

  2. Follow the wizard which will guide you through:

    • Installing the NetSuite Bundle

    • Installing SuiteCloud

    • Confirming the link setup

    • Allowing a connection between AppLink and Procurify and confirming the NetSuite Company to connect.

  3. You will now have two tabs available on the Procurify NetSuite Integration page:

  4. On both the Vendor and Chart of Accounts tabs, toggle Start Scheduled Sync to ON

For more information on Vendor and Account Code sync, see What is Master Data Sync?

Additional Information:

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