Field Mapping for QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector
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Field Mapping

Custom field mappings can be set. When you establish the setup, a default set of field mappings are applied. You can inspect the current field mappings, and make modifications by selecting the Field Mapping tab, inside the Procurify QuickBooks Desktop page.


Please note there are 2 tabs at the UPPER RIGHT CORNER, toggling between Purchase Order field mapping. Be sure you are editing the correct set of mappings!

Removing Fields

From the Field Mapping tab, you can remove fields that you don't want to sync over to QuickBooks Desktop for a given Purchase Order. Next to each field, click on the button


and select Unlink. Please note, some fields are required but not indicated on this page. Removing them haphazardly may cause the integration to return errors. If you are uncertain, please refer to the Field Mapping spreadsheet to see which fields are required. Please see the table below:

Field Mapping

Chart of Accounts field map is very simple and hard-coded

QuickBooks Desktop Field

Procurify Field









Adding Fields

You may wish to add a field to map, in which case you would click button


and Edit, which opens up this modal. You can either map a native Procurify field to a QuickBooks Desktop field or a custom Procurify field. Do note, not all fields are available for mapping.




Both vendors imported through our interface, and vendors created directly in Procurify, can be used in PO’s going to QuickBooks Desktop.

Vendor names must be manually kept in sync between both sides. Names must be exact match (case-sensitive) in order for lookup to work.

  • If a Vendor is deleted in Procurify, the same Vendor in QuickBooks Desktop will be classified as unimported. It is possible to reimport the Vendor from QuickBooks Desktop.

Chart of Accounts

When the Web connector runs the Chart of Accounts Configuration, it will grab all GL codes from QuickBooks Desktop, and populate them in the preview section of the Procurify QuickBooks Desktop integration page, as such:

This page shows you all the GL codes that are available from QuickBooks Desktop. Please note that NONE OF THEM are committed to the Procurify system yet! You have to choose from this list by selecting the checkboxes next to each entry and hit the top right corner button labelled Import Selected. After codes are saved, if you refresh the page they will now show up in the Imported tab.

Supported Account Types

QuickBooks Desktop GL Code Type

Type conversion in Procurify



Cost of Goods Sold




Other Current Assets


PO Numbering Convention

To set up the PO NUmbering Convention:

  1. Navigate to SettingsIntegrations

  2. Click View under QuickBooks Desktop

  3. Click the Field Mapping tab.

  4. Click the 3-dot options button next to Map RefNumber and select PO number

Important Notes:

  • The integration only handles creation. No updates, no deletes. With the following exception, if a Vendor is deleted in Procurify, the same Vendor in QuickBooks Desktop will be classified as unimported.

  • If you run the web connector, and you don’t see updated GL codes available in the preview, data pulling has failed. Look at the error to fix the sync.

  • QuickBooks Desktop supports 2+ levels of Chart of Accounts, while Procurify only has up to 2 levels. Any GL codes from QuickBooks Desktop that are level 3+, will be folded up to the 2nd level. The top (level 1) will remain the same.

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