How to execute a one-time sync of Vendors from NetSuite
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The following article is part of a series on connecting NetSuite to Procurify. This article does not pertain to our integration that only syncs Bills to NetSuite. For more information, see NetSuite Integration Overview.

Vendors can only sync one-way from NetSuite to Procurify. For more information on the NetSuite Integrations, click here.

Important: Before completing the sync, ensure the Vendor is connected to the same subsidiary as your Procurify domain or the sync will be unsuccessful. Existing Vendors in Procurify with the same name will be overwritten. As a best practice, when creating a new Vendor, create it in NetSuite, then sync it to Procurify

1. Within NetSuite, hover over the Lists tab → Relationships and select Vendors


2. Select Edit next to the Vendor to sync to Procurify

3. On the right-hand side select the Sync to Procurify checkbox


4. Select Save. You've successfully synced your Vendor to Procurify. Repeat this process for each Vendor you would like to sync.


Note: Updates to vendor information within NetSuite will automatically sync to Procurify.

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