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Configuring NetSuite Bundle settings (Purchase Order/Item Receipt Integration)
Configuring NetSuite Bundle settings (Purchase Order/Item Receipt Integration)
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Requirements for Configuring the NetSuite Integration

  • The NetSuite integration allows for multiple Procurify domains to be configured. If you are using NetSuite OneWorld, only one connection per Procurify domain is permitted.

  • Advanced Receiving must be enabled in your NetSuite account before you can proceed with setup. How to enable Advanced Receiving in NetSuite.

1. In NetSuite, navigate to Procurify โ†’ Configurations โ†’ Configuration


2. Check the Vendor Sync Default Value Checkbox to ensure new vendor records created in NetSuite will sync to Procurify.

3. Click Create New Configuration.

4. Enter the Procurify domain and the API Credentials created in Procurify. Select Save and Continue. What is a Procurify domain?

  • Depending on your Procurify Bundle version, you may see Procurify Username and Procurify Password instead of Client ID and Client Secret.

  • Enter the Client ID into the Procurify Username, and Client Secret into the Procurify Password.


Note: If you receive an error message: "Connection Failed - Unable to communicate with Procurify." Please check your credentials and try again. If you still experience the same error message, you may need to Create a Netsuite API Credential again.

5. On the following configuration page, Subsidiaries, select your subsidiary/subsidiaries and select Save. All vendors and accounts in selected subsidiaries will synced.


6. In the Procurify Connections Settings page, input the IMPORT FROM and TRANSACTION PREFIX.

  • The date entered in IMPORT FROM indicates the beginning date for Purchase Order Syncs.

  • The transaction prefix is used when connecting multiple domains in order to distinguish the domain from which the transaction was synced.


7. From the Account Item tab, choose a tax schedule. If this tab does not appear, ensure to enable Advanced Receiving in NetSuite.


8. Select the Miscellaneous Costs tab to configure how Discount, Freight, Tax and Other fields from the Procurify PO will apply to NetSuite. Select the appropriate fields and select Save.

For some tips configuring Miscellaneous Costs, refer to this article.


You've configured NetSuite Integration Settings! Continue the setup process by Configuring Outbound Data Flows.

Additional Information:

  • For more information on the NetSuite Integration, click here.

  • After setting up the Procurify Bundle, a new tab entitled Procurify will appear within the top-most NetSuite menu. If you do not see the tab, click here.

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