Netsuite Error: A Vendor Field mismatch has occurred.
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  • PO not syncing to NetSuite from Procurify for vendor reasons

Vendor mismatches occur in the following possible scenarios:

  • The vendor has not been synced from NetSuite.

  • This vendor does not exist in NetSuite.

  • This vendor has not been assigned to the subsidiary allocated to this PO.

  • The currency selected for this PO is not an allowable currency under this vendor.

  • The vendor name is not an exact match to the vendor record in NetSuite.

  • The vendor is Supplier Portal vendor and a duplicate was created when syncing your vendor list from NetSuite.

Possible Resolutions:

Ensure that:

  • the vendor has been created in Netsuite and there is an exact match for this vendor in Procurify.

  • there are no duplicates of vendor records within NetSuite or Procurify.

  • the currency for the PO matches the allowable currency for this vendor

  • the correct subsidiary has been allocated to the PO

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