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How to sync a Bill to NetSuite (Bill Sync Integration)
How to sync a Bill to NetSuite (Bill Sync Integration)
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The following steps can only be completed by Users with permission to the Accounts Payable Module.

Important: Bills must be manually synced to NetSuite. This process ensures data accuracy across Procurify and NetSuite. Each bill can only be synced once, and cannot be re-synced if a bill is fixed post-sync. We recommend syncing bills to NetSuite as soon as you have verified for accuracy. Bills will need to be manually adjusted in NetSuite if changes are made after a bill has been synced.


  1. Navigate Accounts Payable → Manage Bills

  2. Click Approved to see approved bills.

  3. Use the checkboxes to select the bills to be synced to NetSuite, or select all bills on the page by clicking the topmost checkbox.

  4. Click the Sync to NetSuite button in the upper right of the screen.

  5. The Sync Status will show

    , please wait 10-15 seconds before refreshing the page.

You have successfully synced Bills to NetSuite! Successfully synced bills will display a "Synced" status.

The NetSuite role you've created to connect the Bills integration will display as the user who performed the sync.

Important: Bills paid by Credit Card, Expenses, and previously synced bills cannot be synced to NetSuite. These bills will be skipped during sync.

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