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How to sync Bills to QuickBooks Online
Updated over a week ago

The following article outlines how to sync Bills to QuickBooks Online. Only users with access to Bills in Accounts Payable can complete the following steps.

Important: Syncing Bills to NetSuite is a manual process to maintain data accuracy. Each bill can only be synced once, and cannot be re-synced if a synced bill has been fixed. We recommend syncing bills to NetSuite as soon as they are approved and verified for accuracy. Bills will need to be manually adjusted in QuickBooks Online if changes are made after a bill has been synced.

  1. Navigate to the Bills page from the Accounts Payable module in the left navigation bar.

  2. Click the Approved tab to see approved bills.

  3. Select the bills to be synced to QuickBooks Online by clicking the checkbox next to them, or select all bills on the page by clicking the topmost checkbox.

  4. Click the Sync to QuickBooks Online button in the upper right of the screen.

You've successfully synced Bills from Procurify to QuickBooks Online!

Note: PunchOut items that used Credit Card as the payment method, Expenses, and previously synced bills cannot be synced to QuickBooks Online. These bills will be skipped during sync.

Click here to learn about QuickBooks Online Field Mapping. For more information on the QuickBooks Online integration, click here.

Additional Information:

  • The user who establishes the sync between Procurify and QuickBooks Online will appear as the one who Syncs the Bills to QuickBooks. To change that user, you must perform the setup steps with the alternate user again.

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