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What is the Difference Between PunchOut and CheckOut?
What is the Difference Between PunchOut and CheckOut?
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  • How is PunchOut different from CheckOut in Procurify's system?

  • Is Procurify PunchOut the same thing as Procurify CheckOut?

  • What can I do with PunchOut that I can't do with CheckOut?


Procurify PunchOut and Procurify CheckOut allow users to perform similar tasks, but they are not the same thing.

PunchOut provides more control and lets approvers, purchasers, and administrators do more with order information submitted by requesters. However, since they sound and look similar, and since both are accessed from the same Supplier Portal button in the Request For Order page, the differences may not always be clear.


Procurify PunchOut refers to a select group of full integrations built into Procurify's platform.

If your organization's account has a particular PunchOut enabled - for example, Amazon PunchOut is a popular choice - and the integration has been installed and set up by one of your account's Superusers (top-level Procurify administrators), PunchOut will allow you to order items directly from that Supplier-s website.

As a requester, you don't have to install anything or enter any new login information before ordering and submitting items for approval - Procurify's integration does all of that for you.

Procurify CheckOut is a tool that uses a Google Chrome extension to connect you with the catalog on a Supplier's website.

CheckOut will also allow you to order items directly from a Supplier's website through the Supplier Portal button, but it is not a full integration built into Procurify's platform.

If your organization's account has CheckOut enabled, each user who wants to access it must first install the Chrome extension and use it to sign into the supplier's website with their login information for that Supplier before they can use CheckOut in Procurify.

Comparing PunchOut and CheckOut


Both PunchOut and CheckOut:

  • re-direct users directly from Procurify to the supplier's website to create an order.

  • allow easy adding of items to a Procurify order request.

  • must be enabled by a Procurify representative in your domain.

  • are limited to specific Suppliers




can be accessed using any internet browser (except Internet Explorer 11)

can only be accessed using Chrome browser and requires a separate Google Chrome extension to be installed by the user

Superusers/administrators can limit and control which users can access PunchOut

can be accessed by any users with login information for Supplier they want to order from

Superusers/administrators can control how payments are made through PunchOut

Superusers/administrators do not have control over how payments are made through CheckOut

does not need supplier credentials and the user doesn't need to have an account

requires set up in the domain with supplier credentials, and users need to have accounts with the supplier

has special search filters built-in for PunchOut orders/items

automatically creates a PO after approval of the request

are specially marked as Supplier-specific in Procurify's Request, Approve, and Procure modules - for example, Amazon PunchOut orders are marked with


requires installation and setup in Procurify by an administrator with access permissions

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