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How do I use Procurify CheckOut?
How do I use Procurify CheckOut?
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What is Procurify CheckOut?

Procurify CheckOut is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to shop on your supplier’s website and sync the entire shopping cart to your Procurify order request. Procurify CheckOut is no longer maintained but is currently supported.

What are the benefits?

  • Save Time by eliminating tedious copy-pasting of item details into purchase orders.

  • Be confident you have the accurate item details for purchasing to share with your approvers, purchasing, and accounting teams

Which supplier websites are available with Procurify CheckOut?

  • Fisher Scientific (Scientific & Biotechnology)

  • CDW (Computer & IT: Hardware & Software)

  • McMaster Carr (Manufacturing, Construction & Hardware)

  • Westrac (Mining & Construction)

How do I use CheckOut?

Step 1: Install Procurify CheckOut Chrome Extension

  1. Contact a Procurify representative to enable Procurify CheckOut for your organization.

Step 2: Place an Order with Procurify CheckOut

  1. Log in to the Procurify CheckOut Chrome Extension with your Procurify domain name and click login.

  2. Create an Order Request, select the Supplier Portal button

  3. Select the applicable Supplier from the list. You will be redirected to the Supplier portal. Do not close the Procurify tab.

  4. Add items to your cart.

  5. When finished, view your cart. The Procurify extension will pop up. Select Send to Procurify. You'll be automatically routed back to your request.

  6. Select the applicable Account Codes and Custom Fields for each item.

  7. Click Add to request.

  8. Review your Request, and when ready, select Submit request.

When using the CheckOut feature, it is essential to log into Procurify first and then select the Supplier Portal.

Troubleshooting CheckOut

If you are experiencing issues with CheckOut, it could be due to:

  1. Procurify CheckOut needs to be enabled.

    • This feature is not yet enabled for your domain. Please reach out to your Procurify administrator.

  2. You are accessing the supplier website first.

    • Loading issues can occur if you access the supplier website before Procurify. Ensure that you access to the supplier website through Procurify as per the steps above.

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