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How to Import Approval Routing Groups
How to Import Approval Routing Groups
Updated over a week ago

In this article, we refer to “Location” and “Department”. Your domain may have different labels due to custom organizational categories. Learn more here.


  1. Navigate to Settings Import Data

  2. Click Download template next to Approval Routing Groups

  3. Fill out the required columns and save the file to your computer. The table below provides a guideline.

  4. On the import settings page, click Import CSV File next to Approval Routing

  5. Click Upload to select your file

  6. Select Import

If there were any errors, make the required changes before re-uploading the CSV. You have successfully finished the import!

Note: If your domain doesn't use the naming organization of Location & Department you can still use your naming convention in these columns as needed. Example: Lab = Location & Team = Department.

Additional Information:

  • The group name can only appear once on this CSV.

  • If the import finds a matching existing group, the group conditions will clear and replace it with what is in this template.

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