Welcome to our new Budgets!
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Your domain has been migrated onto our new and improved budgeting feature!

Our old version of budgets (now called Legacy Budgets) lacked adaptability and required a lot of manual work from Procurify users.

What's new?

With our newest version of budgets, you can:

  • Set up budgets for multiple Departments, Account Codes, or a combination.

  • Track spending within budgets on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Input budgets for future date range without creating a new budget.

  • Mark budgets as a source of truth if they roll up to the total organizational budget.

This reduces the effort to set up current and future budgeting information in Procurify.

How does this improve your workflow?

You can now create, manage, and view your budgets to match how your organization tracks spend. You no longer need to create new budgets for different date ranges or close expired budgets.

New Budget Categories

Here's a glance at what a new budget category looks like:

Our new budget categories feature:

  1. A drop-down list to toggle between previous, current, and future periods of the same category.

  2. A list of the departments and account codes associated with the budget and spend.

  3. A list of viewers who can access this budget information in approvals and on their dashboard.

What will I find in my domain after migration?

  • All of your active budgets have been migrated and converted into new Budget Categories.

  • Dashboard visibility settings have been enabled for new budget categories.

Next steps:

  1. Ensure your new budget categories display the budget information you need.

    • You'll find these in Settings โ†’ Manage Budget Categories

  2. Learn about how to set up Budget Categories for your future budget needs.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact a Procurify Representative.

Old Budgets

For reference, here is a video of our old budget functionality that is being phased out.

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