How to create a new user role
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  • Managing user roles

  • Can I limit access to Procurify

  • How to create a custom role

  • Creating a unique user account permission settings

User roles can be configured to have access to different sections of Procurify, including the Settings page.

  1. Navigate to the Settings → Manage Roles & Permissions.

  2. Click the + New Role button to add a new custom role.

    • Existing roles can be modified or deleted by clicking on the


      box on the right.

  3. Give your role a title and select which sections of Procurify users will have access to. Click the arrows to expand each section and choose the access levels for your custom role.

    • Be sure to select permissions for both General and Settings

  4. When creating a new role, click Add Role to save changes, or click Save when editing an existing role.

    • Hovering over each permission icon provides more context on the role permissions.


After your custom role has been saved, apply it to your users.

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