User Roles & Permissions
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In this article, we refer to “Location” and “Department”. Your domain may have different labels due to custom organizational categories. Learn more here.


In Procurify, Users are assigned Roles, which are grouped Permissions for accessing different functionality in Procurify. Users can have these Permissions assigned to specific Locations, determining where they can access these functionalities.

Permissions can be individualized for Users as needed and new Roles can be created and applied to users who need the same level of access.


Default Roles Types

Below are the default Roles in Procurify.

Requesters have access to the Request module to submit requests for orders, expenses, travel, and spending cards/funds. They can also view the status of their past requests.

Approvers have access to the Approve tab to approve/reject requests, bills, and payments for approval routings that they are assigned to. They can also view the status of requests they previously approved/denied.

Purchasers have access to the Procure tab to create purchase orders from approved items. They can also manage vendors and the product catalog. Purchasers can view all approved order requests.

Receivers have access to the Receive tab where they can pass or fail items in order to update the Purchase order status.

Reporters have access to the Reports tab.

Accounts Payable users have access to the Accounts Payable tab to create bills, payments, reconcile credit cards, and create spend reports. Accounts Payable users have access to Purchase Orders and Requests when creating bills and payments.

Superusers have access to the entire organization's Procurify domain, including the ability to add/remove users, set up budgets, add/remove locations and departments, and edit the approval routing. This role should only be assigned to your organization's Procurify administrators. Superusers Read more about Superusers

Basic and Advanced Users

  • Advance Users and Basic Users are terms only used for specific accounts.

  • If these apply to your account, Requesters and Receivers are Basic Users. All other roles, including those with custom permissions beyond requesting and receiving, are advanced users.

  • The number of Advanced User Licences available to your domain is stated in your Procurify contract. Please reach out to a Procurify Representative if you need further information specific to your contract.

User Permissions

Permissions define user access to almost all of Procurify. With permissions, you can configure access within the modules for each user, including the settings page.

This is beneficial if you would like to:

  • Hide links to unused features such as Travel Requests or Spending Carts

  • Configure the Settings Page and allow access to specific settings

The Settings page in Procurify has many useful tools, but not all tools are relevant to every user. Defining access to the settings page ensures your users have access only to what they need, keeping your Procurify domain protected from accidental changes while empowering your users to make changes and access the data they need to do their jobs without relying on a Superuser.

If you don't see detailed permissions on your domain, please reach out to a Procurify representative to have it enabled.

Additional Information:

  • Custom roles can be created for users who need multiple role permissions. Learn how to create a custom role.

  • It is not possible to export roles and permissions, but it is possible to export a list of users which includes role information.

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