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User Permissions: Configuring access to Settings
User Permissions: Configuring access to Settings
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Procurify supports configuring access to each module and the Settings page. The Settings page in Procurify has many useful tools, but not all tools are relevant to every user. Restricting access to the settings page ensures your users only see what you want them to see, keeping your Procurify domain protected from accidental changes while empowering your users to make changes and access the data they need to do their jobs without relying on a Superuser.

Method 1: Manual Assignment

1. Navigate to Settings → Manage Users. Click the user you'll be updating, and select Roles & Permissions. Click on the Edit Permissions tab. In the pop-up window, click on Settings.


Access to individual links can be toggled on/off if granular permissions have been enabled on your domain.

2. Select each section of the Settings page you wish to provide access to your user. When finished, click Apply.

3. After the permissions have been set, the user's Settings page will reflect the choices you have made.

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