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How to create a Purchase Order
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A Purchase Order is a very important document because it clarifies the order details such as the cost, quantity, shipping terms, etc. POs are used by the Finance or Accounting Department to do the 3-way match (Comparing and Compiling the PO with the Invoice, and the Packing Slips).

1. Click Procure → Procurement

2. Select the checkbox beside each item you wish to add to a Purchase Order


3. Click Add to List to add the item to the Purchasing list. When the first item is added, the Vendor on the item will automatically be selected for the "Purchasing from" field. You may adjust this field as necessary.

Quick Tip: Clicking the 3-dot option button next to an item allows you to edit the quantity, SKU, and price in the purchasing list


4. Click Create Purchase Order. This will take you to the Create Purchase Order screen.


5. At the bottom of the Purchase Order, you can add comments, PO notes, select a disclaimer, and taxes/discounts.

6. You can either select Create Purchase Order to create the PO internally first, or Create and Email PO directly to your vendor.

Additional Information:

  • Attachments cannot be added at the Purchase Order stage.

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