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How to setup PO PDF labels
Updated over a week ago


  • Send a PO to Vendors, using custom labels

  • Use specific wording within Purchase Orders that you send to Vendors

  • Create custom label sets within Purchase Orders

The following article outlines how to create unique PO PDF labels. PDF label sets can be set as default and that default label set will now be preselected in the PO Email Form Modal.


  1. Head into Settings.

  2. Under Customizations, select Customize Purchase Order Form.

  3. Select the PO PDF Labels tab.


  4. Select


    to start creating your PDF Labels

  5. Create the Label Name & Click Create.

  6. Choose your PDF Label from the dropdown option:

  7. In the PDF Labels, there are 3 Sections to make changes in: PO Fields, PO Costs and Item Fields.

  8. Open each one to view Existing Labels and Replace With.

  9. Change the Replace With field with your intended Label.

  10. The changes will be saved automatically.

Additional Information:

  • You must have Customization permission within Settings to access this function.

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