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What is PO Promise Date?
Updated over a week ago

The PO Promise Date feature improves the Purchase Order creation process by pre-filling the Promise Date with the earliest Date Required from the list of items in the Purchasing List. If one of the items has a "Date Required" in the past, the Promise Date will default to the PO creation date. This date field can then be edited if necessary.

Example: On May 1st, A purchaser adds the 3 items to a purchasing list with Dates Required: May 3rd and May 10th. When the Purchase Order is created, the Promise date will pre-fill with May 3rd as it is the earliest of the Dates Required.

Note: If your PO includes a Blanket PO order item, the PO “Promise Date” field is replaced by an "Expiry Date" field, allowing your team to understand how long the Blanket PO is valid.

Additional Information:

  • Date Required is a field on Order Requests where requesters specify the date by when they require the item.

  • Once the Purchase Order has been created, the Promise Date will need to be adjusted manually if the item(s) with the earliest Date Required are removed or if an item with an earlier Date Required is added.

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