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What do the Procurify Item statuses mean?
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  • What does Pending mean?

  • What does Cancelled mean?

  • What does Needs Attention mean?

  • What does Approved mean?

  • What does Purchased mean?

  • What does Received mean?


  • Pending: The order is pending approval.

  • Order Canceled: This means the requester or the vendor canceled the item order or the funds to purchase were not available (card issues etc)

  • Needs Attention: This message usually means something in the order form has not been filled in, it could be an account code or a custom field. Other times it will relate to the order being canceled for the reasons mentioned above.

  • Approved: The order has been approved and is ready to be purchased (If the order was made via PunchOut, the order would automatically be purchased after approval)

  • Purchased: The order has been purchased from the vendor.

  • Received: The order has been received by the intended recipient.


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