Managing Users
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  • How to manage users, how to create new user roles, when to update users, change users role.

Best Practice: You’ll want to manage your users any time a new hire starts or exits, or after promotions or role changes (especially new management), and any time a department restructures.

It’s likely that new team members will join your organization and existing team members will part ways. We recommend that you build Procurify into your IT onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring no new hire is missed when it comes to getting started on Procurify.

There are two parts to the adding new user:

  1. The user themselves (your team member)

  2. The role (requester, approver, procure, etc)

Creating new user roles: When adding a team member, Procurify will ask you for their user role. If this team member needs a custom role that doesn’t exist in your domain, you’ll need to create it first.

Inviting new users: After the role has been created, go ahead and add your new user, or, apply this new role to existing users.

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