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Source Atlantic PunchOut Overview
Source Atlantic PunchOut Overview
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Source Atlantic - Fredericton Chamber of Commerce

What is Source Atlantic

Source Atlantic is a leading provider in supply chain management. They make it their duty to eliminate complexities and build a reliable, productive supply chain. By providing innovative solutions, they can surpass unique business challenges to deliver an efficient, profitable supply chain.

Procurify PunchOuts integrates with your favorite supplier’s PunchOut catalog to streamline how you purchase from them. With Procurify PunchOuts, you can browse and place orders through a supplier’s website or custom punchout catalog. Once the request is approved, a purchase order is generated and items are automatically purchased.

What are the benefits?

  1. Eliminate manual data entry with automatic data transfer between Procurify and supplier’s catalog

  2. Streamline the procurement process with a centralized place to search, browse, compare and buy goods

  3. Better user experience with purchasing that mimics consumer e-commerce experience (digital storefront)


  1. Contact your account manager at Source Atlantic to set up a client account and curate a catalog. Please expect up to 30 days to set up the online catalog with Source Atlantic.

  2. Once you've set up your Source Atlantic account, contact your Source Atlantic account manager and request these details:

    • From/Sender ID/UserID (NetworkID)

    • From ID Domain

    • Shared Secret/Password

    • Test and Production Order posting URL

    • Important: Do not use the cXML PunchOut URL

  3. With those credentials, in Procurify, go to the Settings module from the left side menu. Click PunchOut Suppliers.

  4. Click Set Up under Source Atlantic.
    Ensure to create a unique group name, group names cannot be duplicated.

  5. Fill in the fields, adding in the credentials received from Source Atlantic.

    Important: Do not use the cXML PunchOut URL in the Purchase Order Request URL field.

    • Selecting a credit card will process order items through Procurify’s Credit Card Reconciliation tool.

    • Selecting other payment method will process order items through Procurify’s Accounts Payable Bill Creation module.

    • Choose which requesters will have access to the PunchOut using the ‘Group access’ option.

  6. Choose a payment method.

    • Note: by using the PunchOut connection, you will no longer have access to direct payment options through the Source Atlantic platform. Please consult with your Source Atlantic representative on payment options.

Additional Information:

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