2019 - 2022 Product Announcements
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December 2022

New release: Declined Spending card transactions

  • Gain more context into your declined spending card transactions with Procurify’s new reason for decline field and email notifications. Learn more.

Feature improvement: QuickBooks Online sync updates

  • Procurify is improving the way we integrate with QuickBooks Online! These improvements allow users who manage their organization’s QuickBooks Online Integration to map custom fields and sync taxes more easily. On top of this, the new integration allows QuickBooks Online users the additional benefit of syncing bills paid with Procurify’s bill payment functionality into QuickBooks Online! Learn how to connect Procurify to QuickBooks Online.

November 2022

New release: Virtual spending cards

  • Procurify now allows users to hold multiple virtual spending cards, allowing you to use each virtual card for a specific purpose and empowering their team to make seamless online, recurring, and one-off purchases. Learn more.

October 2022

New release: PunchOuts is now available for Staples Canada & CDW

September 2022

New release: PunchOuts is now available for VWR

  • We're excited to announce that the PunchOut feature is available for VWR! Procurify PunchOuts technology allows customers to browse and place orders through a catalog integration.

August 2022

New release: Procure on Mobile

  • Procure on Mobile is finally here! Access purchase orders in the field or away from your computer with the Procurify Mobile App. Learn more.

New release: Export Budget Categories

  • Users who have access to the Manage Budget Categories module will now have the ability to export their budget categories from Procurify. Learn more.

New Release: PunchOuts are now available for HomeDepot

  • We're excited to announce that the PunchOut feature is available for HomeDepot! Procurify PunchOuts technology allows customers to browse and place orders through a catalog integration. Learn more.

July 2022

New release: PunchOuts are now available for Grainger

  • We're excited to announce that the PunchOut feature is available for Grainger! Procurify PunchOuts technology allows customers to browse and place orders through a catalog integration. Learn more.

New release: PunchOuts are available for MilliporeSigma

  • We're excited to announce that the PunchOut feature is available for MilliporeSigma. Procurify PunchOuts technology allows customers to browse and place orders through a catalog integration. It accelerates the requesting and purchasing workflows while improving data accuracy.

June 2022

New release: Low balance alerts for spending card

  • Get notified when your organization’s spending card funds are running low with Procurify’s low balance alert. With Procurify’s low balance alert, card admins will be notified when your organization’s funds are running low. Learn more here.

New release: Recurring spend

  • We’re excited to announce that recurring spend is no longer in beta. Easily track and manage recurring spend like software subscriptions and services. This feature needs to be enabled for your domain by a Procurify representative. Learn more.

Feature improvement: Mobile updates

  • The mobile team has added three new features to the latest mobile updates. Product catalog images and item names with multiple lines are now visible when submitting a request. Download the latest version of the app for Apple or Android.

May 2022

Feature improvement: Spending card custom fields

March 2022

Feature improvement: Request spending card funds for someone else

  • We’ve added a new feature for spending card customers. This feature allows you to request spending card funds on behalf of someone else and was built to make distributing funds to your team easier. Learn more.

New release: SOC2 Type 1 compliant

  • We're very excited to announce that Procurify is officially SOC2 Type 1 compliant. What does this mean? It means that Procurify's internal controls are compliant based on five criteria. Learn more here.

February 2022

New release: Flexible spend tracking

  • We're very excited to announce Flexible spend tracking early access! Procurify’s flexible spend tracking empowers you to categorize and track spending according to the unique needs and processes of your organization. Learn more here.

January 2022

Feature improvement: Procurify Academy Online Training

  • Does your team need additional Procurify training? Do you need specialized training on importing or exporting data? Procurify's Academy course is a series of short, bite-sized videos, quizzes, and practice tasks designed to walk you through the setup and continued use of your Procurify domain. Learn more here.

November 2021

Feature improvement: Preferred Vendor & Tax options available on Vendor Import Template

  • Procurify's Vendor import template now allows for clients to specify if a Vendor is preferred or not preferred. The Vendor template also includes a tax field, whereby you can associate a tax value using our import file. The taxes must first exist in Procurify. Learn more here.

Feature improvement: Custom PO Numbering for Automatic Purchase Orders

October 2021

Feature improvement: Approval Delegation Pending Approvals

  • We've made a small but significant update to Approval Delegation. When a user enables Approval Delegation, all pending approvals in the approver's queue will be automatically moved over by default, ensuring that no pending approval requests are left in limbo while the approver is out of office. Learn how to enable Approver Delegation.

September 2021

Feature improvement: Account Code Import Template Update

  • We have recently made importing Account Codes into your Procurify domain without an assigned Budget more efficient. You can now upload and complete your Account Code assignment with just one import template. Learn more.

August 2021

New release: Procurify Status page

  • The Procurify team is happy to announce the new Procurify status page! This page will be the source of truth of the Procurify application during outages and scheduled maintenance. Click subscribe to receive email updates and other alerts.

July 2021

New release: Staples PunchOut

  • We're excited to announce Staples PunchOut, which allows users to shop through the Staples website catalog. Staples PunchOut syncs your Staples items to a Procurify Request for Order. No more copying and pasting links or item details into your request. Learn more.

June 2021

Feature improvement: Improved Data Sync with New NetSuite Integration

  • Error messages are clear and actionable so that you can resolve sync errors quickly. NetSuite sync logs can now be marked as resolved, which makes sync logs easier to manage. Additionally, a configuration option is now available that excludes new Vendors from being synced without authorization. Learn more about the NetSuite integration.

Feature improvement: Spending card monthly statements

  • Spending card admins are now able to download monthly statements from the reconciliation screen. This feature creates a paper trail showing the start and end balance and all transactions for each month. Learn more here.

Feature improvement: Accessibility and Usability Improvements

  • We've improved the accessibility of Procurify by adding text and labels to select page elements so that they are ARIA-compliant (Accessible Rich Internet Applications). ARIA is a set of standards that make web content and applications accessible to people with disabilities. In addition, to improve readability, we increased the colour contrast against certain text elements.

Feature improvement: Announcing Automatic Purchase Orders

  • Auto PO enables organizations to skip the Purchase Order creation process and focus on the Procurify workflow that suits their needs. Learn more here.

April 2021

Feature improvement: Additional Custom Fields

  • Enjoy the flexibility and customization of adding six additional Custom Fields to the Request For Order form. Learn more here.

Feature improvement: Virtual cards are now available

Feature improvement: Easier User Invites

  • Easier user invites enable customers to add new users to their Procurify accounts quickly and efficiently. Now you can add a new user in 8 simple steps. Learn more here.

March 2021

Feature improvement: Procurement Budget Overage Notification

  • Receive notifications when a budget overage is caused by an edit during the Procurement process. When you create a Purchase list or create or edit a Purchase Order, a warning will appear notifying the user of the overage. Learn more here.

New release: Customized Organizational Categories

  • We're excited to announce that Customized Organizational Categories will be launched over the coming weeks for all Procurify accounts. This new setting allows you to apply unique labels to Locations and Departments. Allowing you to personalize your account for your organization's unique needs. Learn more here.

Feature improvement: CheckOut now works with SSO

  • Before, CheckOut was incompatible with SSO. Customers who wanted both had to decide between usability vs security. Now, CheckOut and SSO work concurrently, and the login process is easy. The CheckOut login is tied to the user's Procurify login. Learn more here.

February 2021

Feature improvement: Purchase Order (PO) billing address & shipping address updates

  • When creating a PO, the billing address now displays the Purchaser’s home location by default, where it used to display the first address entered in the system. Additionally, we are updating the ship-to-person to default to the Requester rather than the Purchaser—two very subtle but time-saving improvements for PO creation. Learn more about the PO creation process.

Feature improvement: Procurify Pay Budgets

  • Gain budget visibility and control over your Procurify Pay card spend. Budgets now integrate with Procurify Pay allowing you to view how a Pay request impacts your budget in real-time during approval and after spending is approved. Learn more about Procurify Pay.

New release: Recurring Spend Management beta

  • We're excited to announce that the Recurring Spend Management beta feature is available to all customers! Easily track and manage recurring spend like software subscriptions and services. Learn more here.

January 2021

Feature improvement: Increased visibility of sent Purchase Order emails

  • We're excited to announce a feature improvement that will increase the visibility of Purchase Order emails. If a PO email did not send successfully, you will receive an email notification. A status notification will also appear on the PO list page. Learn more here.

Feature improvement: Performance improvements for Bills

  • We wanted to start this year off on the right foot. That's why we're excited to announce the improved performance of all Bill processes. By removing page load bottlenecks and reducing response times, we're reducing Bill load times by a factor of 60-70%. In short, creating Bills is faster than ever.

December 2020

Feature improvement: Purchase Order Miscellaneous Costs Added to Unbilled

  • Tax, Freight, Discount, and Other costs from Purchase Orders will be added as unbilled line items, ensuring accurate accounting and easier three-way matching. Learn more here.

November 2020

Feature improvement: Verify Bills Quickly

  • Quickly and easily access relevant item information during the Bill creation stage using the new details hyperlink. The hyperlink allows you to view details from the relevant Request for Order and Purchase Order when creating a new Bill or editing an existing Bill. No need to navigate to other pages to understand the history of an item. Learn more here.

Mobile IOS app improvements: Quick Approval Flow

  • To help our users Approve faster, we updated the IOS Approval screen to include an order description, and the Approval screen now takes the user to the order detail screen. Learn more here. Download or update Procurify’s mobile app for Apple.

October 2020

Feature improvement: Approval Routing Group Requests Visibility

  • We’re excited to announce that Approval Routing Groups, for requests, will be easier to review and update! If you click the blue link Approval Group on a Request, it will direct you to that Approval Group details page. Learn more.

New release: New Bill Comment Functionality

  • You can now comment on draft Bills and collaborate with other team members before a Bill is submitted. Save the Bill as a draft, and the comment feature will appear at the top right of the page.

September 2020

Feature improvement: Improved Invoice Processing

  • We're excited to announce the new invoice processing feature release, which speeds up and streamlines Bill creation. The new invoice attachment viewer has a faster uploader and simplifies three-way matching. Easily create Bills from Purchase Orders items already in Procurify. The invoice creation is now in a single window! Read the step-by-step guide here.

Procurify mobile app improvements: Easier Order Request workflow design

  • Officially launched! Procurify is excited to announce an updated Request experience on our mobile app. There is now a more user-friendly mobile flow for submitting Requests. Download the latest version of the app for Apple or Android. Read the step-by-step guide here.

Procurify mobile app improvement: Receive all items button is now available on the App Store!

  • With over 5000 orders received per month on mobile, it is quite tedious for users to receive 20+ items manually. Procurify's mobile experience now has a receive all items button, similar to the web experience, allowing users to receive all items with a single button. Download Procurify's mobile app version 2.19 for Apple or Android.

August 2020

Feature improvement: Enhanced layout on the Import Data page

  • We’ve made some updates to the Imports Data Settings page! Imports are now numbered and grouped by theme. Links have been added to the Imports page that will direct you to step-by-step guides, and direct links are now available for quick access to the Import templates. Read step-by-step guides here.

July 2020

Feature improvement: Improved Attachment Preview

  • Users can now preview PDFs within the Purchase Order screen, and view both PDF documents and images with the new zoom and rotate tools ⎻ allowing you to Approve Purchase Orders quickly and efficiently!

June 2020

Beta feature release: Recurring Spend Management

  • Procurify is excited to announce our new Recurring Spend Management feature, currently in beta testing. Easily track and manage recurring spend like software subscriptions and services. Utilize our powerful request to approval workflows to gain control and context, view all recurring items in one place, and see the budget impact over time. Read more here for details.

Procurify mobile app Improvements: Mobile comment functionality

  • Previously, comments on the mobile app only displayed one line of text, even if the comment is longer than one line. This update displays four lines of text, making the comment feature much easier to use on mobile.

Feature improvement: Make Invoice Numbers Mandatory

  • It's now possible to configure whether invoice numbers should be mandatory, by going to the Customize Bill Forms page within Settings. Read more here for details.

Feature improvement: The Bill Export has Changed

  • Bill Export has changed and the export field called Line Subtotal now calculates the pre-tax amount. You can now get the full breakdown of pre-tax, tax, and post-tax amounts easily. Read more here for details.

May 2020

Integration release: NetSuite integration

  • We’re excited to announce that Procurify now offers direct integration with NetSuite. NetSuite customers will be able to better utilize Procurify's request to receive workflow. Once purchase orders have been created in Procurify, they will be synced to NetSuite, where customers can continue their NetSuite workflow. Read more here for details.

Integration release: QuickBooks Online direct integration (USA)

  • We’re excited to announce that Procurify now offers direct integration with all QuickBooks Online tiers (for the QuickBooks Online USA products only at this stage). This integration passes over bill data from Procurify to QuickBooks Online. Read more here for the details.

April 2020

Feature improvement: Request for Order Calendar picker has changed

  • Sunday is now the first day! We've changed the calendar on the Request for Order drop-down Calendar picker to show the first day as Sunday (before it was Monday). It's now consistent with the rest of Procurify.

Procurify mobile app improvements: Camera image attachments

  • The experience of attaching camera images to expense requests is now better than ever. Previously it was unclear to users if an image was successfully captured. Download Procurify’s mobile app for Apple or Android.

Procurify mobile app improvements: Custom fields now visible for bill approvals

  • Custom fields are now visible when assessing a bill for approval on mobile. This means customers now gain a bill’s full context, and can complete a bill approval with confidence on their mobile devices. Download Procurify’s mobile app for Apple or Android.

March 2020

Feature improvement: Procurify CheckOut updates for Cat (Westrac)

  • Procurify CheckOut (our Chrome extension to speed up purchasing) now displays on two pages when shopping on parts.cat.com - the cart page, and the order processed page. This allows the details pulled to Procurify to match the order that was placed more accurately. Read more about Procurify CheckOut here.

February 2020

Feature improvement: Amazon PunchOut order confirmations

  • Procurify will now display the order status of items purchased through the Amazon Business PunchOut. The order status will now say “Purchased” or “Needs Attention” along with details on the order item. Procurify now even sends an email to the Procurify Requester, Approver, and the Purchaser that there was a problem with the order. Learn more about Amazon PunchOut here.

January 2020

Feature improvement: Amazon Business ‘Enhanced Checkout’

  • The Enhanced Checkout is a service offered to all punchout customers of Amazon Business. The benefits include a 7-day price and inventory lock, multiple shipping speed options, scheduled delivery options for large items, and more. Read the full details here.

Feature improvement: Approver View Access (formerly known as Approval Watchlist)

  • This feature allows seeing an overview of the workflows for all Approvers in Procurify. For example, their current open, pending, and denied approvals. Admins can now more easily configure this view (with search, scrolling, descriptions, and guidance). Read the full details here.

December 2019

Feature improvement: Procurify budgets are now optional

  • What was it like before? When these budgets expired it meant requesters could no longer request from that account code. This caused issues for Requesters as it seemed the account codes had ‘disappeared’. What have we changed? Budgets are now optional. Expired budgets will no longer cause issues. Requesters can still create requests, even if the budget has expired. Read more on budgets here.

November 2019

Feature improvement: The custom fields for bills created in Procurify can now be edited

  • Custom fields on bills originating from the custom field on a request can now be seen and edited from the Accounts Payable module. This allows better end-to-end context and flexibility for finance teams when verifying bills or making adjustments.

New release: Amazon Punchout for Canada

  • Amazon.ca Business Punchout is now live for all customers! Following previous Amazon punchouts for USA, UK, and Germany, Procurify now supports punchout connections with the new Amazon Business Canada. Learn more about Amazon PunchOut here.

September 2019

Feature improvement: Extra ‘exported’ filter added to bills export tools

  • An extra filter was added to the Bills exports (Settings → Export Data → Bills → Prepare CSV). Previously there were two ways to export bills. From the Accounts Payable module you could filter out the previously exported bills (handy for not duplicating information in the Accounting System), but from Settings → Export Data area you could add more columns and other filters. Now you can get the best of both worlds! The ‘Exported’ or ‘Unexported’ filter is now available for the Settings → Export Data option also.

August 2019

Feature improvement: Advanced approvals, automatic approver group removal

  • Approver groups need ‘rules’ to say which type of order requests they’ll show up for. Previously when a Location or Department was deleted, this meant that the Approver group’s rules expanded to include all Locations and Departments. Now what will happen is that the Approver group will deactivate completely when the setting/object for a rule it contained (Location or Department or Custom Field) has been deleted. Learn more about approvals here.

Feature improvement: Real-time budget graphics now includes bills

  • In short, you can now see an extra purple display (for ‘billed’) on Procurify’s real-time budget graphs. Procurify’s real-time budgets now also show you ‘billed’ items! Recent updates mean that your approved invoices/bills, i.e. ‘billed’ items, will now also be displayed as part of your budget information. This means our real-time budget graphics are now more accurate and useful than ever before. Learn about Budgets here.

July 2019

Feature improvement: Purchase Order (PO) number duplication warning

  • Previously at larger companies with several purchasing roles, two purchasing people could be creating POs at the same time. There was a risk of a PO number being generated while the exact same PO number was generated and being worked on by someone else. Now there’s a warning modal that alerts the purchasing person that they have created a duplicate PO number, and now they know to use the next PO number without manually checking with their co-workers first. Read more about Purchase Order numbering here.

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