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How to close Budgets in bulk (Legacy Budgets)
How to close Budgets in bulk (Legacy Budgets)
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  • How to make a budget in active en mass

  • How to quickly close off budgets

The following article pertains to Legacy Budgets. See this article to identify which version of budgets your domain is currently using. If you wish to upgrade from Legacy Budgets to Flexible Budgets, please contact a Procurify representative.

The following steps outline how to make a Budget inactive using the import feature. This is ideal if you're not looking for visibility into Real-Time Budgets or no longer wish to see a warning about going over budget.


  1. Download the template, available at the bottom of the following article, titled Budget Import.csv

  2. In Procurify, Navigate to Settings β†’ Export Data next to Budgets

  3. Click Prepare CSV and Export CSV.

  4. Copy the information from the exported file and paste it into the Budgets template

  5. Note that you will not need to use all the column's data; only take the information you need to fill in on the importing template. Additionally, leave Column D or the Budget column blank. Leave the Start Date and End Date columns blank, and type "Renew" for the Action on Duplicate Column.

  6. Once the file is ready for import, navigate to Settings β†’ Import Data

  7. Click Import CSV next to Budgets

  8. Upload the file from your computer and select Import

This will cause the Budgets to close, and an active budget will no longer exist. The Procurify account will no longer get warned about going over budget.

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