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Microsoft Dynamics
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For information on our Microsoft 365 Dynamics Business Central integration, see Setting up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration & Troubleshooting.

For all other Microsoft Dynamics Products

We strongly recommend having a solution consultant/integration manager experienced with importing CSV files into Dynamics to set up your Dynamics system.

The data sync/export from Procurify to Dynamics requires detailed configuration, not limited to custom macro/script writing of CSV files, to ensure that the data meets Dynamics requirements.

Important: Procurify does not export all required fields for importing Bills into Microsoft Dynamics. These required fields may vary depending on the software/product.


  1. Export Bills as CSV with as many fields as possible that match with your GP/SL/AX/365 instance.

  2. Manipulate CSV data and copy-paste it over into the GP import template.

    • Manipulation includes combining Location ID, department ID, Account Code, and other fields.

    • In some cases, they’ll need to create an additional column to add that 4th or 5th category of spend tracking. (or track it via a custom field in Procurify and export that out)

    • E.g. “20-72110-48000”

  3. Utilize the integration manager, which will have the importing capabilities set up by the Dynamics Consultants.

Feel free to review and test the following flat-file Bill export from a Procurify demo account. Export files are configurable. It is possible to remove fields that are not relevant to the export and update column names.

Note: API connection to these applications may also be available. Contact us to learn more.

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