Third-Party Accounting Systems
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Accounting Systems

Procurify can be implemented alongside the following Accounting/ERP software:

What if I don't see my accounting program listed?

If you don't see your accounting program listed, you can utilize flat file CSV exports or explore API solutions. Test it out for yourself!

What is a flat file?

  • A flat file CSV stores data and can transfer data from Procurify to another software.

  • Flat-file exports from Procurify may need modification, including creating macros before import into an alternate accounting program.

  • Not all systems are compatible with flat files.

How to create a configurable flat file in Procurify

There may be limitations and restrictions when importing flat files to another system. Please read the instructions carefully and consult with your solutions consultant. Create practice bills or POs for exporting and transferring practice data before transferring real data.

Sample Procurify's exports & upload them into your accounting system

Feel free to review and test the following flat-file Bill and PO exports from a Procurify demo account. Export files are configurable. It is possible to remove fields that are not relevant to the export and update column names.

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