How to run auto-run with QuickBooks Desktop
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  • You can use Auto Run if you want to automate your PO, ITEM RECEIPTS sync! It means, that you don’t have to manually click on UPDATE SELECTED at a certain time in your day or week. To maintain Auto Runs, the computer you are running the webconnector and Quickbooks must be turned on at all times (and not logged out, or sleeping, or hibernating


  1. Select the checkbox(es) under Auto-Run for the data you want to sync automatically

  2. Enter how frequently (Every _ Min) the web connector should update the data. In the example above, the sync runs every 15 minutes.

  3. And that’s it! You can always uncheck the Auto-Run to revert it to manual sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the sync schedule if I turn off the host machine where QuickBooks Desktop web connector is?

We rely on the Quickbooks Web Connector application installed on the computer hosting the QuickBooks Desktop application. If the application/computer is turned off, nothing will be synced. Syncs resume when the Quickbooks Web Connector is launched in the boot sequence

If I have Auto-run set up, do I still have to click Stage in Procurify to sync over POs and Item Receipts?

Yes, it is necessary to click Stage for both POs and Item Receipts if you want them to sync to QuickBooks Desktop. Once Stage is clicked, it will auto-run the sync at the preferred time if auto-sync is turned on the web connector.

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