How to get a sync error view on your NetSuite Home center
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This article is a guide on creating a summary of Procurify Sync Errors on your NetSuite Dashboard.


  1. From your NetSuite Home dashboard, click the Personalize link near the top right

  2. In the Personalize Dashboard section that appears, click List

    Note: NetSuite only permits 2 Lists on your dashboard. The list button will be unclickable if you've reached this limit. Verify your current dashboard and ask your NetSuite administrator if an existing one could be reassigned.

  3. A “Portlet not set up” List will appear in your dashboard. Click on the Set Up link in this box.

  4. In the List Type box, locate and select Procurify Event. Set Results size to 10 and uncheck Allow Inline Editing.

  5. Click the Save button.

Your list will now be called Procurify Event List but the information listed still needs to be filtered to become more usable.

  1. Hover over the 3-dot menu at the top right of this List and select Edit View.

  2. On Customize Procurify Event Search Results, change the Search Title to "Procurify Errors Counter"

  3. Set up the Results sub-tab:

    • Do not edit the fields: Object Type, ID, Date Created, and Message

    • Select the Configuration Fields... Field, and in the submenu, select Domain.

    • Set Summary Type for Object Type field to Group

    • Set Summary Type for ID field to Count and set Summary Label to “Total Errors”

    • Click on the Criteria sub-tab

      • On the first Filter line, add a filter for Status

      • Set Description to "is error"

  4. Click the Save button

Your Home Dashboard should now have an quick overview sync errors. Click on the error to expand the view to show more details. If the List displays generic information, change the View dropdown to Procurify Errors Counter.


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