Setting up the NetSuite Procurify Bundle
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The following article is part of a series on connecting NetSuite to Procurify. For more information, see NetSuite Integration Overview.

Procurify Suite Bundle Requirements

Only a NetSuite administrator or a user with site bundler permissions can install Procurify. NetSuite permission settings can be accessed by hovering over the Permissions tab and selecting the Set up sub-tab.

Important: Before selecting Install in step 4, review the components tab for any bundles you plan to install. As a best practice, you should review the fields that are created and verify that none of the field IDs (not names, but IDs) overlap with fields you already have in your NetSuite account.

Setting up a bundle in NetSuite, using the SuiteBundler

1. Log into NetSuite, navigate to Customization SuiteBundler → Click Search & Install bundles. (Do not click List)

2. In the Search field KEYWORDS type Procurify


3. Click the Procurify blue link, and it will redirect you to Bundle Details


4. A status screen will show the installation progress. Depending on your NetSuite setup, the install can take minutes to hours. A green checkmark will show in the Status column and the Procurify row when installation is complete.


You have successfully installed the Procurify bundle! A Procurify tab will appear within the top-most NetSuite menu.

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