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What to consider when mapping NetSuite inventory items to Procurify as catalog items (Beta)
What to consider when mapping NetSuite inventory items to Procurify as catalog items (Beta)
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  • NetSuite inventory item sync

The NetSuite to Procurify Inventory Catalog Sync allows NetSuite users to easily sync their NetSuite inventory items into Procurify’s product catalog. Note: Procurify does not perform inventory management.

Important: For the sync to work, you must be running NetSuite bundle version 2.12.1 or later. If you do not have this NetSuite bundle version, contact a Procurify representative to update your bundle before the sync can be established. Do not update your bundle without a Procurify representative.

Once NetSuite bundle version 2.12.1 is enabled, the following requirements must apply to each item before you set up the item sync to Procurify:

  • The asset’s account code must already be synced to Procurify

  • If a preferred vendor is selected on the item, this vendor must already have been synced to Procurify and marked to Preferred.

Here are the default fields that sync to Procurify:


All other fields can be filled according to your needs inside NetSuite, but this information will not be synced to Procurify.

It is not a two-way sync: Data flows from NetSuite to Procurify.

The first time you check the ‘Sync to Procurify’ checkbox, the sync will create the catalog item in Procurify if an item with the same name doesn’t pre-exist in Procurify,

During catalog item creation

  • the default Procurify currency will be assigned

  • all departments will be assigned to the department tags

This only happens during the creation of the catalog item and further updates will not sync for these fields. You can manually manage these fields in Procurify. Please see the image below for sync information.


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