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Setting up Sage Intacct integration and Troubleshooting(Beta)
Setting up Sage Intacct integration and Troubleshooting(Beta)
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The Sage Intacct integration syncs approved bills and payment logs (incl. attachments and in-line tax information). It also includes a Master Data Sync, where you can sync Vendors and Account Codes from Sage Intacct to Procurify.

Sage Intacct for syncing Bills

For customers using Bill Payments, bill payment records can be synced to Sage Intacct to mark bills as paid.

Sage Intacct for Syncing bills and Bill Payment logs

Setting up Sage Intacct with Procurify

First, you'll need to retrieve your Sage Intacct Company ID and configure your account for the integration:

In Sage Intacct:

  1. Locate your Sage Company ID by Navigating to Company → Company → General Information. Note down your Company ID as you will need this later.

  2. Enable Web Services by navigating to Company → Admin →Subscriptions.

  3. Scroll down and toggle Web Services on.

  4. Next, configure web services by navigating to Company→ Setup→ Configuration.

  5. Navigate to Company → Security.

  6. Click Edit. Scroll to the section called Web Services authorization.

  7. Add your Sender ID: CodeMPP and set the status to Active.

  8. Next, create a Web Services user by navigating to Company → Admin → users, roles & groups.

  9. Click the circular + icon next to Web Services users.

  10. Enter the information in the required fields:

    • Enter a valid email address for the user you want to authorize.

    • For the User type, select Business.

    • For Admin privileges, select Full.

  11. Click the Roles information tab and grant the user an Admin role. (If the Admin role doesn't exist, you'll need to create one and return to this step. Click Save.

In Procurify:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations.

  2. Select Set up under Sage Intacct.

  3. Check the box I have my Company ID, and select Continue.

  4. Check the box I have enabled Web Services, and select Continue.

  5. Check the box I have configured Web Services, and select Continue.

  6. Check the box I have created a Web Services user and select Continue.

  7. Next, enter your Sage credentials, and select Submit.

  8. Select your Sage Intacct Entity from the drop-down and select Submit.

Setting up Master Data sync (Vendor List and Account Code):

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations.

  2. Click View below Sage Intacct.

  3. On the Vendor and Account Code tabs, toggle Start Scheduled Sync to ON

All new vendors will be created/synced as Preferred Vendors

All account codes created/synced via this method will require manual linking to departments. For how to link account codes to departments, see:

For more information on Master Data Sync, see What is Master Data Sync?

You have successfully connected Sage Intacct.

Custom Field Mappings

Custom field mappings can be added via Platform Services → Object customization → Custom fields

When adding a custom field to a Bill, be sure to select “AP Bill” in Step 1 - Choose object to extend

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we map to a checkbox order request custom field?


Can we map the Location ID?

No. We map the Location field name, not the Location ID number.

Are there any restrictions on which account codes can be moved over from Sage to Procurify?

No. When the Account Code sync is enabled, all account codes will sync over to Procurify in one-hour intervals and be automatically applied to all departments available within the domain during the sync. For more information, see Syncing Chart of Accounts to Procurify (Master Data Sync).

If I add additional locations and departments after my account codes have synced to Procurify, will they automatically be applied to All Departments?

No. You must manually apply account codes to newly added locations and departments. Account codes can also be linked in bulk.

If I don't see a Sage field in the Field Mapping list, is there a way to map it?

No. All Sage fields available for mapping are displayed on the Sage integration setup page. We cannot map to any additional fields.

What Account Code value is being sent from Procurify to Sage Intaact?

Procurify only sends the Account Code (not the Account Description) and uses the Account Code to match the Account (item level) in Sage on the Bill line item.


Error Message: Custom field with Location-ID #: Tracking Category cannot be found

This error occurs when the Location Name is not an exact match in Procurify and Sage Intaact. Ensure that the Location name is an exact match.

Error Message: Custom field with Procurify ID custom-#: Tracking Category not found.

This error occurs when Custom Field is not an exact match in Procurify and Sage Intaact. Ensure the Custom Field is an exact match.

Error Message: Bill with Procurify ID #: Error when attempting operation: The Account number # is associated to [Account name]. Enter an account number on line item # in transaction # that's not associated with any bank account, and try again. Error code BL03002112

This occurs when an accounts are made available for syncing. Ensure to unassign applicable account codes manually.

Additional Information:

  • Once connected, custom field mapping options will be available on the Sage Integration set-up page (Settings → Integrations→ Sage Intacct Setup)

  • Ensure you correctly toggle If you're outside of the U.S. and using a Sage Prebuilt tax solution

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