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Why is my list mapping not working on NetSuite Bill Sync?
Why is my list mapping not working on NetSuite Bill Sync?
Updated over a week ago

The following article pertains to NetSuite Bill Sync. For more, see NetSuite Integration Workflows.


When using the Procurify Bill Sync to NetSuite, List/Record fields used in the Advanced Custom Field Mapping need to be set to Store Value for the value to be populated correctly on the synced bills. Otherwise, it will be ignored.


  1. In NetSuite, in the menu bar at the top of your screen, hover your mouse over Customization→ Lists → Records and select Fields. From the next menu, select the appropriate option where the field is located in your form. Transaction Body Fields if it's a header field or Transaction Line Fields if it's on your line items.

  2. On this page, find the field you've mapped to by matching the ID column to the NetSuite Fields entry configured in your Procurify domain. To see these, open a separate browser tab to your Procurify domain and navigate to the Settings page. On this page, look for Integrations in the Tools section and select NetSuite for Bills in the Integrations page.


    Below would be the matching entry from the NetSuite Transaction Line Fields we opened earlier.

  3. Edit this field by clicking the hyperlinked name and ensure the STORE VALUE checkbox is checked as shown below, and save.

  4. The mapping should now work correctly on any FUTURE bill being synced.

Additional Information:

  • As we only sync Approved Bills once - the fix above will not apply retroactively to already synced bills.

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