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Zageno PunchOut Overview
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Our Zageno PunchOut connects you directly to your Zageno's vendors and catalogs. Requesters can browse Zageno and easily add items to Order Requests.

What are the Benefits?

  • Zageno offers over 5000 vendors you can order from, and they're always adding more.

  • With Zageno, you have a simplified catalog and live vendor pricing updates. You can choose from multiple vendors and find the right price for you.

  • Zageno provides accurate shipping and tracking information for all orders.

Consideration & Requirements for Zageno set up.

  • Customers must engage in Life Science R&D or Drug Discovery.

  • To be eligible for PunchOut, Zageno mandates the availability of a Wet Lab—a facility equipped for analyzing and testing drugs, chemicals, and various biological substances using a wide array of liquids.

  • Zageno is not a fit for medical offices and hospitals as this is not the vendor marketplace they support.

How to set up Zageno PunchOut with Procurify

  1. Contact your account manager at Zageno to set up a client account and curate a catalog. Please wait 30 days to set up the online catalog with Zageno.

  2. Once you've set up your Zageno account, contact your Zageno account manager and request these details:

    • Purchase Order Request URL

    • From Identity

    • Shared Secret

    • Important: Do not use the cXML PunchOut URL.

  3. With those credentials, in Procurify, go to the Settings module from the left side menu. Click PunchOut Suppliers.

  4. Click Set Up under Zageno.
    Ensure to create a unique group name, group names cannot be duplicated.

  5. Fill in the fields, adding in the credentials received from Zageno.

    Important: Do not use the cXML PunchOut URL in the Purchase Order Request URL field.

    • Selecting a credit card will process order items through Procurify’s Credit Card Reconciliation tool.

    • Selecting other payment method will process order items through Procurify’s Accounts Payable Bill Creation module.

    • Choose which requesters can access the PunchOut using the ‘Group access’ option.

  6. Choose a payment method.

      • Note: by using the PunchOut connection, you will no longer have access to direct payment options through the Zageno platform. Please consult with your Zageno representative on payment options.

Using Zageno PunchOut: Requesting items

PunchOut quantity lock
Once a user orders an item through Zageno PunchOut, the quantity field will be locked. This is to prevent the value in Procurify from misaligning with the quantity/purchase amount through PunchOut. Users can change their order by returning to the PunchOut Supplier before submitting the request for approval.

Purchasing items
When the final approver approves an order containing PunchOut items, a purchase order will be automatically generated in Procurify and sent to Zageno. The order status can be viewed in the request or the PO under the ‘Status’ column for the item.


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