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How to change the Billing Address for PunchOut orders
How to change the Billing Address for PunchOut orders
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  • How to edit a bill to address for punchout, change billing address to match delivery shipping address

By default, PunchOut orders will be billed to the billing address of your headquarters. You can change this setting so that PunchOut orders are billed to the location where the order will be shipped.


  1. Navigate to Settings → PunchOut Suppliers

  2. Click View beneath the applicable PunchOut Supplier

  3. Click the 3-dot options button

    and click Edit Group

  4. Use the Bill To drop-down field to select the applicable Address for the PunchOut.

  5. Click Complete integration to save all changes.

All orders for this PunchOut will now be billed to the shipping location selected on the PunchOut order by the Requester.

Please note that this will change the Billing Address for all orders for this PunchOut.

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