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Why are my Reports displaying inconsistent data?
Why are my Reports displaying inconsistent data?
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There are 4 possible reports in the folder:

Report type


#1: PO Incorrect Total

Tax and misc fee amounts added in a PO wouldn’t update in the PO Total amount if an item was removed from the PO, causing inconsistent 3-way matching between the reported PO totals and billed totals.

#2: Mislabeled budgets

Spend is classified into different stages when captured in Procurify: Requested, Approved, Purchased and Billed. An old bug inaccurately marked "Purchased" spending as "Billed" in budget reports.

#3: Time-shifted allocations

Procurify's budget is consumed the moment a request is approved (ie: spend is accrued on the approved date). A live bug is currently causing past purchases to be counted against the current budget when it shouldn't be. For example, approving a Bill (in 2021) for a PO approved in 2020 will incorrectly shift the purchase allocation to count against the 2021 budget and will reduce the consumption of the 2020 budget.

#4: Pending expense amount in budgets

An old bug caused deleted Expense Reports to continue being counted against the system, thereby producing incorrect budget reports in approval and Manage Budgets pages.

Please get in touch with your Procurify Customer Success Manager to discuss data corrections.

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