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How to set up custom fields for Spending card
How to set up custom fields for Spending card
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  • Setting up custom fields for Spending card

The following article outlines how to create Spending card custom fields. These custom fields will appear in My Transactions, Reconcile Transactions and CSV exports.


  1. On the left-hand navigation bar select Settings

  2. Select Customize Spending cards under Customizations

  3. Select + New Custom Field

  4. Enter a Fields Name and select the Required field if the custom field is required

  5. Select a Field Type from the drop-down and select Save Custom Field

Congratulations! You've created a custom field for Spending card.

Additional Information:

  • We recommend only using alphanumeric characters and special characters (not including emojis) in custom fields.

  • Advanced Approval Routing Triggers do not apply to Spending card custom fields.

  • A maximum of ten custom fields can be created

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