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How to reconcile transactions with spending card
How to reconcile transactions with spending card
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  • how to complete my month-end with spending card

The following article outlines how to reconcile transactions with spending cards.

This feature is only available to select customers (that have a US bank account).


  1. Navigate to Spending CardReconciliation.

  2. Locate the transaction(s) to reconcile, using filters by Date, Status, and Cardholder if needed.

  3. Review the transaction(s), verifying the correct Account Code, and the uploaded receipt. To view more details, click on the transaction.

  4. Use the checkmark to select the transaction(s) then click Mark as Reviewed.

Success! The transaction has been reconciled.

If exporting data to your account system, select the checkbox next to the reconciled items and select Export CSV.

Additional Information:

  • Transactions may take up to 3 days to change from Pending to Captured. During this time, it will not appear in the Reconcile Transactions section.

  • Reversed authorizations (refunded before a transaction is captured) will not be displayed within Procurify.

  • Refunds (after a transaction has been captured) will appear in Procurify. You should see the initial charge and the refund separately.

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