How to close spending card funds
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The following article outlines how cardholders can close spending card funds on their physical spending card. Closing a fund will transfer the unused balance to your organization's spending card allocation pool.

Note: Funds cannot be closed until all transactions are posted.

Web app:

  1. Navigate to Spending CardPhysical Cards

  2. Select the applicable fund.

  3. Click Close fund at the bottom right of the page

  4. Confirm that you would like to Close fund.


Success! You've closed the fund.

Mobile app:

  1. Tap Card icon in the menu bar at the bottom

  2. Tap the physical card.

  3. Tap the Funds tab.

  4. Tap the fund you wish to close.

  5. Select Close Fund.

Additional Information:

  • Funds cannot be closed until all of the transactions are posted.

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