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How to complete a credit card reconciliation
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At the end of the month when you receive your credit card statement or when you are required to do your credit/debit card reconciliation, follow the steps below, or watch the video available at the bottom of the article.


  1. Head into Accounts Payable โ†’ Reconciliation.

  2. Select the credit card you intend to reconcile.

  3. Select Reconcile.

  4. Enter the Current Statement Date and the ending balance before uploading your statement

  5. Attach your credit card statement using the Browse & upload CSV and select Begin Matching.

  6. Match the items from left to right. The items on the left are your Procurify Order Item tied to this credit card, while the items on the right are the charges on your credit card statement.

  7. Once you have completed matching and your "start" & "end" balance match, there is no variance, you can select the Submit button.

  8. Fill in the Payment Method details.

  9. Submit the Bill for Approval.

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