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How to set up & edit Budgets (Legacy Budgets)
How to set up & edit Budgets (Legacy Budgets)
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The following article pertains to Legacy Budgets. See this article for how to identify which version of budgets your domain is currently using. If you wish to upgrade from Legacy Budgets to our new Budgets, please reach out to a Procurify representative.

Only users with access to Settings and Manage Budgets will be able to complete the following steps.


  1. Select Settings

  2. Click Manage Budget from under the Finance tab.

  3. Select the Department to which you’d like to add a budget.

  4. Click the Options icon on the right-hand side of the appropriate Account Code.

  5. Click Edit Budget in the pop-up menu.

  6. If this is a new Budget fill in the Budget Amount and Budget Start Date and Budget End dates. If you're updating an existing Budget, update the Budget Amount and/or the Budget Start Date and Budget End dates.

  7. Click Save Budget and you’re done!

Note: You must have Departments and Account Codes set up before you can create a Budget. To import new Budgets in Bulk, review the following article.

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