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How to update or view a planned or scheduled Budget (Legacy Budgets)
How to update or view a planned or scheduled Budget (Legacy Budgets)
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The following article pertains to Legacy Budgets. See this article for how to identify which version of budgets your domain is currently using. If you wish to upgrade from Legacy Budgets to our New Budgets, please reach out to a Procurify representative.

Budgets can be scheduled for monthly, quarterly, or annual periods where you can input multiple planned Budgets into Procurify. Upload Planned Budgets using the Import tool or Schedule Budgets manually in Procurify.

You must be a superuser or a user with customized access to Manage Budgets to complete the following steps.


  1. Navigate Settings → Manage Budgets

  2. Select the applicable budget

  3. Click 3-dot options


    to the right of the budget

  4. Select Scheduled Budgets


In the pop-up, you will see when the budget start and end date is as well as the allocated amount to the budget. From this screen, you can update the Scheduled Budget or delete it.


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