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Can I mass delete account codes?
Updated over a week ago


  • Is there an import template so I can mass delete Account Codes?

  • How can I delete all my Account Codes?

  • Can I delete more than one Account Code at a time?


Account codes cannot be mass deleted. If you require support with mass deleting account codes, please contact your Procurify representative.

We recommend instead of deleting account codes, to 'unassign' account codes from departments. This would hide the account code ensuring that no requestors can see those account codes or buy against them.

Why we don't recommend Deleting account codes:

Deleting account codes can lead to messy reporting, as all purchase orders and bills will show a “DEL_timestamp_account code” string. This can make it difficult to track expenses and budgeting. Additionally, deleting an account code removes all spend associated with that code, which can further complicate data reporting.

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