How to delete a bill
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  • Delete a Bill

  • Revert Bill to Draft

  • Deleting a Bill

  • Putting Bills back to Draft


To delete a Bill, it will need to be reverted into a Draft state. If your Bill is already in Draft, Proceed from Step 6 and continue.

  1. Select the Accounts Payable tab on the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Select Manage Bills

  3. Find the intended Bill you wish to modify

  4. Open the Bill and select the Fix Bill button located at the bottom of the page

  5. Type in a Reason for fixing the Bill and select Fix Bill (The Bill will be put back into Draft)

  6. Open the Draft Bill by selecting the Draft tab and locating the Bill

  7. Near the top right corner, select the



  8. Click Confirm to delete the Bill Permanently

Additional Information:

  • Deleting a Bill is permanent

  • You can edit Bills once in the draft & submit them again as needed

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